The Aztecs for Kids - Achievements & Inventions Illustration

Aztec Achievements & Inventions

The Aztecs were highly capable engineers. They built aqueducts and dikes. To create more land to grow crops, they built floating gardens, the chinampas. They built causeways to connect their capital city, built on an island, to the mainland. They created a number system and a calendar. They amassed a great deal of knowledge about medicines.  All kids had to go to school - rich, poor, and slaves. They had a written code of behavior and written laws. Their woven fabrics were beautiful, rich with embroidery. They wrote poetry. Their painters were artists who used color and wild designs. They built stone statues and pyramids and temples. Their military strength was incredible.

Everything you wanted to know about popcorn, an Aztec invention

10 Major Achievements of the Aztec Civilization

Achievements of the Aztecs

Chinampas - Floating Gardens

Statues, Pyramids, Temples, Stellas (Memorial Pillars)

Written Code of Behavior, written laws

Woven fabrics and embroidery

Chocolate & Popcorn

Aztec ball game

Flying Birds

Public Schools

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