Aztec Correct Behavior - Very Strict Rules Illustration

Aztec Correct Behavior

The Aztecs had strict rules of behavior. There was only one correct way to behave in every situation. Situations included what you wore, what you carried, how you walked, what you said, what you ate, how you greeted each other, how you treated your children and other people. There were even rules on facial expression and how you waved your hands.

All kids had to go to school - be they rich or poor or slaves. Every citizen in the Aztec Empire had to know the way to behave correctly. It was the law. These laws of behavior were written down. If you did not behave correctly, you could be killed. There was no recess in Aztec schools. The students worked very hard to learn everything they were taught. They had to. Their life depended on it.

Here are a few of their rules of correct behavior:

  • Do not mock the old

  • Do not mock the sick

  • Do not mock one who has sinned

  • Do not complain

  • Do not make wry faces

  • Do not interrupt the speech of another

  • Do not carry a fan unless you are a noble

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