Daily Life in the Aztec Empire for Kids Illustration

Aztec Daily Life

The rich nobles lived in luxury. The Aztecs had slaves to do much of the work for them. The poor did not have slaves. The poor worked all the time.

The Rich: The rich lived in homes built of sun-dried brick and sometime stone. The homes had a coating of white wash to make them sparkle in the sun. Homes had a separate place for steam baths. Water was poured over hot stones to generate steam. Bathing was an important part of daily life. Steam baths were taken every day. Their clothes were colorfully embroidered and decorated with features. They carried fans made of feathers. Feathers were a sign of status.

The Poor: The poor were most farmers. They lived in huts with thatched roofs. They had little furniture. They wove mats for the floor and baskets to hold their belongings. They did have blankets. They had pots for cooking. Each home had a garden where the poor could grow food for themselves. Their clothes were simple and NEVER decorated with feathers. It was against the law for a commoner to carry anything made of or decorated with feathers. If they broke this law, they were killed.

All people, including children, had to follow a set code of behavior. Everything was written down. These were laws. They had to obey the laws or they could be killed. All kids went to school, even slaves. Everyone had to know the laws and follow them.

The Aztecs honored exceptional athletic ability. It's not surprising that they loved dangerous sporting events. But they also loved poetry. Their poetry was about love, and children, and war, and good deeds, and proper behavior. It was very ... Aztec, and reflected their daily life.







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