Aztec Marriage for Kids Illustration

Aztec Marriages

The Aztec men, both nobles and commoners, got married when they were about 20 years old. The women were younger, about 14-15. Upper class marriages were arranged, usually by a professional matchmaker. Lower class marriages, parents did help their children decide who to marry, but girls could say no to their parents suggestion. They did have the right to choose who to marry. That was one of the few advantages of being from the lower class vs the upper class.

The bride's family gave a feast in honor of the marriage. The feast could last for several days. On the day a woman married, she was carried piggyback, on the back of the matchmaker, who delivered her to her new home. The matchmakers were usually old women. Sometimes it was hard for them to carry a young bride, but it was part of their job.

After the bride arrived at her husband's home, the bride and groom tied their coasts together in front of the hearth, or cooking area, of his home. Once their coats were tied, they were married.

Once a woman was married, she could run a business out of her home. She had a great deal of say in how her household was run and in how her children were raised. Both parents were responsible for their children's behavior. One of their jobs as parents was to instruct their children on correct behavior. The schools also taught good behavior, but it was expected that parents reinforce this at home. If a child broke the law, both the child and the parents could be punished.

Women could get a divorce if they wished. If divorced, a woman received half of the goods owned by herself and her husband.






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