Aztec Myths and Stories for Kids Illustration

Aztec Myths and Stories

The Aztecs believed in many gods, goddesses and magical beings. The Aztec gods were hungry gods. The Aztecs had to feed their gods all the time to keep their gods happy. If their gods were not happy, the Aztecs believed the world would end. They fed their gods sacrifices of grain, goods, animals, and even people. In the Aztec world, it was an honor to be sacrificed. It was an honor mostly saved for the spoils and captives of war. The Aztecs had a romantic side. They loved poetry. They loved stories about their gods working together. They especially loved stories of courage and trickery. Here are just a few Aztec myths for kids:

Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus

Journey of a Princess

How Music Came to the World

Story of the 5th Sun, animated

The Little Blue Frog, The Aztec Legend of Chocolate

The Rag Picker and the Priest, or the Attempted Theft of Magical Things

The Discovery of Corn and the Little Brave Ants

The Creation of the Moon

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