Aztec School for Kids (School was free and every child had to attend) Illustration

Aztec School

Every child in the Aztec empire had to go to school. That included boys, girls, and slaves. There were different schools for different classes of people. The rich went to one school, the poor another. Boys and girls did not go to the same school. But whatever school they attended, school was tough. There was no recess and no time to relax.

All the schools taught proper behavior. It was important to learn proper behavior because it was the law. If you broke a law, you could be killed. Schools also taught songs and dances, because they were part of religious ceremonies.

Most boys, when they graduated, were trained in hunting, farming, fishing, and fighting. The girls were trained to be good mothers, good cooks, and in other home arts like sewing.

Some schools trained kids in specialized professions. Kids would be moved into these special classes if they showed talent. One child might show a talent for math; they might be moved into the engineering classes. Another might show great interest in plants and making medicines; they might be moved into the school that trained doctors. The Aztecs recognized their need for a talented work force, whether that specialized work force was pulled from the common people or the nobility. If you had talent, school was a chance to move up in the world. The Aztecs believed in giving everyone a chance, even if it was a slim one.

Specialized Professions

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